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What is an EMS Evaluation?

Are you balanced? What types of toxins are challenging your body? The EMS (or EMT) Test is a non-invasive, full body evaluation that does not require your presence - simply submit a form with your saliva sample! The saliva test is offered to clients out of our area who would like an assessment of their health. We view all health issues as either balanced or imbalanced - our evaluations will reflect this.

Understanding the Electromagnetic Spectrum and Its Health Implications

Fifty years of space research has produced many advances in medical equipment and procedures based on data derived from the electromagnetic spectrum. Seeking to know how the human body responds to space travel and how to deal with health challenges in in space has taken scientists in directions that would never have been imagined at the turn of the century.

Practical research results have brought us Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), CT scans, EEG and other similar procedures. These tools, often referred to as Energy Medicine, enable mapping of normal and abnormal heart and brain function and non-invasive examination of internal body tissues and organs.

The basis of electromagnetic energy is a stream of photons - tiny, massless particles that travel in wave-like patterns at the speed of light.

Differences in the amount of energy within each photon determines whether the wave-like pattern is wide and open or tight and close. Each variation displays unique and valuable characteristics.,

Wide waves are low frequency, have little energy and are characterized by SOUND. Some sounds are audible - we hear the human voice. We hear notes produced by musical instruments and bird songs.

But most sounds are inaudible to the human ear even though they surround us constantly. For instance, when we microwave food we do not hear the frequencies that heat the food.

Our atmosphere contains millions of frequencies, some natural, some generated by humans using radio and TV broadcast stations, phones, CBs, satellites, and such. However, some of the broadcasts are not heard unless we have an appropriate receiver - a radio,. television, telephone, computer, etc.

Waves that are closer together produce LIGHT, some of it invisible to the human eye -- the colors of the rainbow, for example. But many light rays are invisible - infrared light, ultraviolet light, x-rays, high energy gamma-rays are found in outer space. Light manifests high frequency and high energy.

Along the spectrum from high to low frequency we encounter energy that we term ELECTRICITY. The power of a thunderstorm illustrates the forceful, simultaneous manifestation of sound, light and electricity.

MEDICAL APPLICATIONS Since the 1600s the potential of using the electromagnetic spectrum for healing has fascinated and inspired scientific pursuit. Our ever increasing understanding of the presence and characteristics of resonant frequencies in each molecule of the human body and in microorganisms that challenge health constantly suggest new ways to manipulate these frequencies for healing.

The Electromagnetic System (EMS) for resonance balancing, developed and refined over the past 70 years, derives from original work done by Royal Rife in the 1930s with light frequencies. Rife, working under the scrutiny of the medical staff of the University of California, successfully enabled many terminally ill patients to rise above their challenges and continue with productive lives.

Working with high energy light frequencies, however, was hazardous. Eventually researchers realized the same results could be obtained with less hazardous sound frequencies.


INTERNAL FREQUENCIES Daily life exposes us to many frequencies through what we touch, eat, drink, breathe, listen to, see, etc. In addition, we generate frequencies by our thoughts and emotions, and reactions. Some frequencies are positive, producing health. Others are negative and health-destructive. Negative exposures may result from unwise choices, but some are unavoidable regardless of our choices. Fortunately, God created the human body with internal regulatory mechanisms designed to balance and neutralize negative influences and keep us in health.

However, most people have impaired balancing capabilities. Negative frequencies get trapped in cells where they cause imbalances that our immune system in unable to balance.

During evaluation, the transmitter passes inaudible frequencies originating in the human body to the receiver. The receiver differentiates normal frequencies from those which are health-challenging on the basis of polarity.

POLARITY As electrons spin around the nucleus of individual atoms, they exhibit positive or negative polarity, depending upon whether the spin is clockwise or counter-clockwise. Disease, or its potential, results from immune system failure to neutralize matter that has negative polarity. Each manifestation of energy has its own unique frequency number. Over many years, researchers have assigned identification numbers to hundreds of medically significant resonances. Every molecule in your body contributes to the specific resonance that makes up your unique individual energy field.

EVALUATION An EMS evaluation scans for more than 825 health challenges. Evaluation can be done by connecting directly to the individual being studied or to a saliva sample [or blood sample]. Collaboration between researchers and pathologists over many decades has given us unique frequency numbers associated with hundreds of specific disease conditions and abnormal body functions.

Let's look at hepatitis as an example of how the system works. Tuning the transmitter to the ID number for hepatitis enables the unit to pick up and transmit the hepatitis resonance from the subject to the receiver if it exists in the subject. The receiver analyzes the incoming frequency and determines whether the “broadcast” from the subject is normal or originates from the health-challenging hepatitis pathogen.

INTENSITY OF IMMUNE CHALLENGE The receiver can also assess the strength of the “signal.” Is it weak or strong? How much of a challenge is this to the body's immune system” If there is no hepatitis broadcast from within the body, it's like tuning your radio to an unassigned frequency with no programming. The system rates challenges from 0 to 1000, with 0 representing no challenge, and 1000 being the most severe challenge.

The receiver “hears” the broadcasting frequencies via a powerful magnet in much the same way that MRI, CT scans and ultrasound devices use magnets to translate body conditions into computer pictures. The energy contained in the frequencies produces vibrations on a fine wire. That vibration causes a pointer to spin, either clockwise or counter-clockwise, when it is held in the magnets energy field.

You've no doubt experienced that forceful energy field when you held two magnets near each other. In one position they practically jump together. Turn them over and you can feel the awesome power of the invisible magnetic force driving them in the opposite direction as you try to push them together.

DISEASE POTENTIAL An evaluation does not diagnose disease. It merely identifies resonances within the body which are challenging the immune system. Every day we encounter hordes of pathogens. We touch door knobs and stair rails that everybody else touches. We exchange money. We share the air we inhale and exhale with everyone we encounter. Essentially we live in a sea of living, lethal microbes. Were it not for a strong immune system we would weaken and die an early death. These pathogens live on our skin, within our nasal passages, brain, mouth, stomach, intestinal tract -- they are everywhere.

But having pathogens in the body is not the same as having a disease. There is no disease unless the immune system fails to neutralize the pathogen. If there are too many challenges at once, if the immune system is weakened by poor nutrition, too much stress, too little sleep, negative thinking and emotions, etc., then we begin to have symptoms. Depending on where the challenge is we may have pain, itching, fever, weight changes, digestive and eliminative difficulties, allergies, colds, high blood pressure and cholesterol, blood irregularities, jaundice, palpitations, tumors, sores that don't heal, fluid retention, etc. When the immune resources of the body hit overload, disease manifests itself.

Presence of frequencies does not indicate presence of disease. Frequencies tell us that we have been exposed to, not what is wrong with us. The body's healing forces usually successfully hold challenges in check and no symptoms are obvious. But until negated, identified frequencies do pose a potential for clinical manifestation should immune functions be compromised. -- Taken from ElectroMagnetic System for Resonance Evaluation by Gloria McAdams, M.A.

To order an EMS evaluation, please click on the link below. The initial cost is $125; follow up evaluations are $60. To receive an analysis of vitamin needs, the cost is an additional $25 (additional option will appear when you order a basic test).

A retest simply means that we will go over the imbalances which showed up on your first test. This is not always a complete picture, and if you are concerned that new imbalances have appeared, it would be wise to order a whole new test.

You will be sent an appropriate form to complete for your test.

We are available to train you to evaluate yourself using the EMT System. Please call or write for details.

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