Friday, July 25, 2008

Perfect Science Ayterion Agua

Ayterion Agua Perfect Science Water Formulas

  • Reduce toxicity in the body and aids in the healing process.
  • Help in tissue cleansing and digestion.
  • Acts as an anti-oxidant to slow the aging process and removes stress from the body helping to detoxify the skin.
  • Bring balance to your body and mind.
  • Strengthen the immune system.

The Ayterion Aqua™ Perfect Science system considers the cleansing of the human body, as well as the local and global environment in which we live, to be essential in the realization of the new world of free energy.

Perfect Science products are made with the proprietary formula and ingredients called Ayterion Aqua ™ (named after the creators Terry Welch and Ayhan Doyuk) and mixed only with the best spring water. We consider these formulas to be the best aligned to the Planet and living beings. This consideration is also supported by the pool of data obtained by the Aquatron device by which patients are tested for the different medicaments available.

It is only modern science that recognized the reality as the web of self-consistent interactions in multi-dimensional space-time in which time and interactions are generically non-linear. This means that the reality we live is what we have created, and that we as humans (and that is valid for all entities that exist in the universe) are the result of mutual interactions.

To change the world in which we live we have to first cleanse our physical and energy bodies, in order to help clean the Planet and all that exist on it and all that was created during long painful history of the human fall, and then align it with the New world.

The Ayterion Aqua™ - Perfect Science System is designed for wellness and abets in the balance of most conditions of health for humans and animals. The energetic dietary supplements from Ayterion Aqua™ - Perfect Science System assist in cleansing, detoxifying, energizing and balancing the body.

When the body is in balance it will heal itself.

It is recommended to use all of the Perfect Science products together, as the products will work synergistically to detoxify and protect you. The Perfect Science System is not a one-time healing modality. It takes a commitment from you to use the products on an ongoing basis to achieve the level of health that you want. We live in a polluted world, and only by an ongoing effort to cleanse and protect ourselves, can we expect to maintain a healthy, youthful, energetic glow.

All of the Ayterion Aqua Perfect Science System products, when used together, produce a synergistic process to promote wellness.

Perfect Science formulas naturally contain some saponins. Currently, through research science, has been brought forth the understanding of certain health benefits for the human body from a phytochemical called a saponin. These health benefits include prevention of cancer, immunological support, effective cholesterol lowering, and anti-oxidant properties. There is continuing research to expand the scientific findings on the health benefits of saponins. As we derive health support from natural plant compounds called saponins, there is research being conducted on the ways saponins affect the health of plants. Saponins are one of the main elements or “triggers” that support some plant life in being healthy, and receiving and utilizing its nutritional needs.

Some of the Uses for Perfect Science Formulas:

  • Protect yourself against chemtrails; Perfect Science is a powerful, yet gentle detoxer.
  • For heavy metal toxicity - heavy metals are neurotoxins that interfere with organ function, the immune system, eyesight, brain function, etc.
  • As a balancer and tonic - brings balance to the body, mind and spirit.
  • For any challenges to the immune system.
  • For skin eruptions; as a part of your beauty regime.
  • For bathing - neutralize the effects of your polluted tap water; bring energy and life back into your body.
  • Use in a humidifier, water fountain or steam on the stove. Use in tea, coffee, juice. Add to sauces and stews. Clean your vegetables and fruits in water mixed with formula to remove pesticides/herbicides.
  • Balance and detox your pets; internal and external products are available for animals and can be used as above for them. Parvovirus, parasites, fleas will easily be removed.
  • Naturally balance your garden with your left over bath water - promotes incredible growth and is a natural pest deterent.
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