Saturday, July 26, 2008

What Does It Take to Stay Healthy?

In this world, especially in our American lifestyle, it is difficult to stay balanced and healthy. After doing much research, I have found that the factors below are key in maintaining good health. Here are my health tips, and please research these yourself:

  1. Diet is important. Eat whole food as much as possible, organic is best.
  2. Drink clean, fresh, alkalizing water. Try the Hydrogen Rich Mineral Stick to produce alkalized, hydrogen rich water. Your body will love this water, and hydrogen is a potent anti-oxidant, super-hydrating, and helps reverse the aging process.
  3. Nutrition in addition to your food. I have found that Intramax is one of the best liquid nutritional products - extremely bio-available, and contains so many important factors for the body.
  4. Detox. Do colon cleanses, liver and gallbladder cleanses, and drink Ayterion Agua formulas - gentle, but highly effective formulas to clean the body, balance the body and energize the body. Research has shown that the Ayterion Agua formulas are effective in balancing dis-ease of the body, such as cancer, MS, AIDS, fibromyalgia, blood diseases, lung disease, parasites, candida and more. Use an Aqua-Chi machine to further the cleansing process.
  5. Breathe deeply. Oxygen is critical to life. Simply breathing from the diaphram will bring more oxygen into the body.
  6. Exercise. Not strenuous exercise, but walk at least 30 minutes each day.
  7. Find your peace. Be happy. Shake off the stress. This is probably the most important factor.
  8. Stem Cell Therapy is a much talked about therapy to regenerate tissue, bone, organs, etc., but did you know you can do this at home, without leaving the country, and at an affordable price with StemEnhance?
  9. To boost your immune system, try Transfer Factor Plus.
  10. When you do feel a cold or flu coming on, increase your intake of Transfer Factor or try Karl's Formula or one of the Perfect Science Ayterion Agua formulas.
  11. Protect yourself from EMF, ELF and other electronic pollution. Use Protect from Perfect Science/Ayterion Agua. We will have this available in necklace form sometime in the near future.
  12. To keep your arteries young, flexible and free flowing, the best product is Cardio Cocktail or if you already take a liquid multi-vitamin/mineral, try Argenix. Arginine has been found to be the best solution for heart disease in addition to anti-oxidants. It will restore flexibility to stiffened arteries (arteriosclerosis), and remove plaque (atherosclerosis), while balancing cholesterol levels and blood pressure.
  13. Use magnetic Immortality Rings and Foot Braces to increase the flow of chi through the body.
  14. There are underlying emotional issues to disease. Clear old emotional issues from this life and before this life with De-Fusion Therapy.
  15. To create peace in your home or office, use BioGenesis tools, particularly one of the pyramids. These tools are incredibly effective tools for healing, regenerating, attracting peace and abundance, clearing emotional issues and more.
(Many of the products mentioned can be found at

DISCLAIMER: This information is not intended to diagnose or recommend medical treatment of any kind for any one. Please consult with your doctor for approval before using these products as part of treatment of any disease or condition.

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