Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Joy of Growing Your Own Food

By Sue Mount

Starting last fall, we installed a hydroponics garden (just outside my office window) and I've garnered no greater joy than looking out at the plants growing, blossoming and producing fruits and vegetables.

The great thing about hydroponics is that you can grow up, instead of out, and take up far less space than if you plotted out a garden on the ground.   Hydroponic gardens use far less water, are easier on the back for harvesting, require almost no weeding, and sustain far less damage from hungry critters than your typical 12' x 12' garden plot on the ground.

We purchased our hydroponic system from Hydro Harvest Farms in Ruskin, Florida (  Our initial system contained four towers, plus a 4 basket hanging tomato/pepper basket tree, which we built ourselves.   Each tower contains four styrofoam pots that sit crosswise to the one above it.  At the bottom of each tower is a rectangular styro box that allows you to install larger plants - we put in cucumbers, beets, eggplant and beans in these bottom boxes.

To this, you add a rain barrel with a pump, and an outlet valve (for hand watering or cleaning); this is connected with a hose across the top of the towers, and each tower is fed by a small drip hose.   The top box is drip watered directly, and through gravity, the lower boxes receive enough water to nurture the plants.  The entire system is controlled on a timer, and ours is set for 3 minutes, 3 times a day.   You must test your system to see what the optimum watering time is.   There is little waste through using a hydroponics setup such as this.

This system provided us with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs and more through the fall and winter.  We just recently cleared out some of the plants as they had overgrown the system, and replanted seed in each slot of the tower boxes. 

It is amazing how much food these systems can produce.  We had salads at least four times a week, and probably could have harvested salad fixings for 7 nights a week (for 4 people!).   Nutrients are added to the rain barrel.  Initially, we were doing some testing on certain plants with our new agricultural formula called Blossom Perfect  which incorporates Perfect Science formulas, and increases yields tremendously.   We did find that simply through foliar spray, the treated plants had far more leaf, blossoms and fruit/vegetables than the non-treated plants.   Once we saw that production was winding down after the winter, we decided to add Blossom Perfect to the nutrient base in the water supply.   Completely new life took over within days - we saw new leaf growth immediately.  The tomato plants which were winding down started producing tomatoes again.  It was pretty amazing!

With spring, we added a 10' X 10' plot, which is partially watered through the hydroponics system.  Why?  Because we wanted to be able to have room for plants that spread, such as squash - we have several varieties of squash in the garden.   Not necessary, as you could probably still use hydroponics for these plants, but we wanted to see how it would work.  I also added beets, onions and carrots.  We did have carrots and beets in a lower tower box and they did fine, but I wanted to see how they would do in a regular garden.  Also, this spring we added two more towers, one for additional herbs, and one that has greens, including mustard, kale and swiss chard.  The great thing about our setup is that we just had to add individual small drip hoses to feed the new towers.

You don't have to buy a prebuilt hydroponics unit; you can find directions and schematics online and build your own from recycled material.   If you are handy, you will probably find greater joy in building your own.

The point is to just do it.   Many of our fruits and vegetables from the store are radiated, come from genetically modified seed, and are treated with all kinds of pesticides and herbicides. By growing your own food, you control what goes into your diet.  Buy organic heirloom seeds that have not been genetically modified.  Choose to use natural methods to reduce pests and treat for plant disease.  The internet has a wealth of educational material for us.

If you have children, there is no greater way to teach them about where their food comes from.  Get them involved by giving them slots or a tower to work themselves.  They'll be so excited to see their little plants growing, and finally, producing food for their family.  They will learn about nature, how plants are pollinated, the gift of bees, butterflies and hummingbirds, and learn to care about the plant kingdom.

I personally choose to have only the freshest food of the highest quality and frequency.  I raise the frequency of my food through using Perfect Science formulas. Perfect Science formulas have some of the highest frequencies on the planet.  These formulas also neutralize/transform toxins in whatever they come in contact with.   So those pesky chemtrails have no effect on my food.   If I happen to buy store bought fruit or veggies, they get washed with our Veggie Wash which is made with Perfect Science.

We have a dehydrator; we also can our food.  I've learned to appreciate how important our food is, and little goes to waste in our house.   What can't be used immediately is either dried, canned or frozen.

We just bought a kirlian camera!  Stay tuned for treated vs. non-treated photos.

Stay healthy!

Sue Mount is the co-owner of Perfect Waters, LLC, and is an energy healer, provides testing services and alternative health consulting.