Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Life After the HCG Diet

I'm an HCGer, and I love it.   I have been on the HCG diet off and on for the last year, and it definitely works.

What has happened, however, is that I have lost some tone in my skin, even though I exercise.

I used to buy a product from a company called It Works! Global.    IWG's  premier product is something called the Ultimate Body Applicator, basically a do-at-home body wrap system.  The wrap works in about 45 minutes, and continues to work for 72 hours.

We recently got back on board and  I have been using the wraps.  Guess what?  My skin has become toned and tightened and I'm losing even more inches!

We were researching body wraps a year ago, as another service to offer.  The cost for product licensing can be prohibitive, up to $40,000.  That does not include your retail space, buildouts, etc., etc.  With the economy in shambles, the need for a toning and tightening product is there, but most people can't afford $125 at a crack.  And how many $125 wraps do you need to do to pay off your initial investment, while paying your day to day overhead?

These wraps are easy to use, at home, and are a superior product, with a cost of only about $15 per wrap as a Loyal Customer.

So if you are on the HCG diet and looking for an extra boost, or on maintenance, and still need to lose inches or tighten up your skin, I highly recommend these products.

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