Saturday, September 25, 2010

Testimonial on Clean-up

The Bahçesehir Anonymous Marketing Distribution Trade Company

To the Ministry Office:

With the direction of members of the Perfect Science A.D. team, the Perfect Science A.D. technology formula was successfully used to meet our goal of removing pollution from Bahçesehirâs small bay nature park, Maguette.

After thorough preparation and the execution of the designed implementation to clean the 950 m3 lake of the concentration of heavy metals and pollutants, the lake water pollution changed significantly from 50 mg/lt. to 6 mg/lt. The visible clarity of the lakeâs waters have also improved tremendously and is considered to be a highly valued result of the process.

We sincerely thank Perfect Science A.D. for their diligent good work in the cleaning of Bahçesehirâs lake water and wish them success in all future endeavors.

Sincerely Yours,
Bahçesehir Anonymous Marketing Distribution Trade Company

Seyit Sahin
General Manager

Ãmer Faruk Pabuççu
General Manager Assistant