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Call for Help on Gulf Oil Spill

Perfect Science environmental products can clean up and transform the oil in the Gulf into beneficial nutrients. The White House has been notified of this. We ask that you also bombard the White House and BP to let them know these products can clean up the oil. These products have been used to clean up toxic spills and residue all over the world, including the Kuwaiti oil fires in the first Gulf war. Unfortunately, the company's manufacturing plant was destroyed in an earthquake. The company needs funding now to produce the environmental cleanup products here in the U.S. Any help that you can offer, or know of a source of funding would be greatly appreciated.

While we wait for a solution to the oil in the Gulf, I am asking that all wand owners, all BioGenesis owners and energy workers please do what you can to energetically transmute the oil in the Gulf. This will affect not only the Gulf states but our entire country, and eventually the world. Get a map of the Gulf and spend 15-30 minutes each day (or more) working with your tools or the Violet Flame to transmute the poisons.

Email from one of our associates:

Clean Up of Gulf
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Re: Take punitive action against BP now
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Thank you Russel.

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From: Russel Honore
Sent: Thursday, May 27, 2010 4:56 AM
Subject: Re: Take punitive action against BP now

I will pass you suggestion on to those that maybe able to use your capability v/r honore

Best Regards,
Russel L. Honore'
LTG, USA (Ret)
(404) 227-1527
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Date: Thu, 27 May 2010 04:29:41 -0400
To: Russel
Cc: Terry W
Subject: Re: Take punitive action against BP now

Hi Russel,
The name of the orginization is Perfect Science. You can call Terry W (708) 898-2889 for the information such as where to pick up formula. I live in Sarasota, FL, which is where many of the voluteers will help with whatever we can do here, plus whoever Terry has in the main area of the Gulf.
Thanks for responding so quickly.

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From: Russel
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Subject: RE: Take punitive action against BP now

I will get this to right folks but can you tell me more about your organization , and are you along the coast now v/r honore

Best Regards,

Russel L. Honore



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Subject: Take punitive action against BP now
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To General Russel Honoré, LLC,

I read your concern over the BP crisis and have sent a letter for the following supplies needed if case you can help:

To President Barrack Obama And The Presidential Correspondence Team:

This is an emergency request for the President or other officials to be aware that we are in need of 14 aircraft crop-dusting planes to spread the Perfect Science formula to clean up the BP spill and the deadly toxic chemicals poured into the Gulf of Mexico.

We have many volunteers, however, we will need funds for supplies of bottles and for an airline pilot to pick the formula up from another country.

We know that officials have seen with their own eyes the miracle that this formula can do.

Time is of the essence so please return the email or call so we can fix this horrific disaster.

Thank you,

Debbie Focht
Human Formula's
Tests done showing that the formula's have no harmful effects
Perfect Science
Using the formula's in Sarsota , Florida
The perfect Science research project in 1999
Test using the formula's on human beings
A book writing about Perfect Science AD. Inc
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