Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Other Ways to Use Ayterion Agua Formulas

Mix with plant food, and boost the nutrition to your plants!!

Spray on coffee or tea grounds, let dry, and experience clean, clear, energetic coffee and tea!

Put into a spray bottle and carry it with you to spray food in restaurants, or spray around your head and body.

Mix into soups - add an ounce of blended formula into soups and stews.

Add to frozen juice.

I use it with Cranberry and Blueberry/Pomegranite juice which is unsweetened. These juices are quite potent and I dilute them with spring water and formula.

Save your bath water after using Bath and Spa formula. You can add hot water to it the next day. Or, use that water to water your plants.

I save my steam water (or vegetable cooking water) and water plants with it.

Drop the blended formula into your eyes to remove toxins, and balance the eyes.

Mix with essential oils to enhance the frequency.

The amount you put in is up to you, but 1/2 oz. to an ounce will suffice.

The uses are endless!!

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